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Welcome to Oy GEFCO Ab

We started in 1971 and are specialized in:

marine equipments, closed circuit television systems and time distribution systems

We can offer You the products of our principals

MOSER-BAER AG, Switzerland,   Time Distribution Systems

-          MOBATime impulse system

-          MOBALine selfsetting system

-          Network NTP system

-          Wireless WTD system 

HERNIS Scan Systems AS, Norway,   Closed Circuit Television Systems

fartyglogo-bakgrund.jpgfartyglogo-bakgrund.jpgfartyglogo-bakgrund.jpgKROHNE Marine AS, Norway,   Cargo and Ballast Monitoring Systems and Fuel Consumption Control

Scana Skarpenord AS, Norway,   Hydraulic Valve Control Systems

BRUNVOLL Mar-El AS, Norway,   Propulsion and Manoeuvring Systems

BRUNVOLL Volda AS, Norway,   Reduction Gears, Pitch Propellers and Remote Controls


For more information, please contact us:

Magnus Forsén, E-mail magnus.forsen@gefco.fi

Lahelantie 399, FI-04360 TUUSULA, Finland, Tel. +358 9 827 4060

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